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Fa er Bravo
American Pale Ale single hop, with generous use in boiling and in dry hopping only Bravo hop, balanced and character. In collaboration with Orazio Laudi (Turan). Alc. 5.3%

'a Gatta Buia
Schwarzbier, dark, low fermentation gives it great drinkability, toasted aromas, licorice, and a smoked tip. In collaboration with I. Bratuleanu (Birradamare). Alc. 4.5%

er Fine Pena
Golden Ale fresh, fragrant and drinkable, the first beer produced by the brewery, the name recalls the difficulties to start production. In coll. Marco Meneghin (Birra Stavio). Alc. 5%

American IPA resinous and slightly amber, with lingering bitter finish. In coll.with Francesco "Cicciobeer" Amato (Birrificio del Vesuvio). Alc. 6.1%

Vale la Pena
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Sèntite Libbero
Saison d'Hiver, dark and winter, with wild chicory collected by Slow Food "Raffaele Marchetti," a single beer. In collaboration with Valter Loverier (Loverbeer). Alc. 6.1%

Chiave de Cioccolata
Milk Chocolate Stout with Cocoa CONACADO, fair, and sweet orange peels. In collaboration with David Frosali (Eataly Brewery). Alc. 5.8%

Belgian Session IPA, simple and elegant, the American hops meet Abbey Belgian yeast. In coll. with L. di Vincenzo (Birra del Borgo). Alc. 4.3%

a Piede Libero
Saison with organic spelt (30%), flavored with bitter orange and cinnamon, dry, refreshing, spicy. In collaboration with P. Mazzola (B. Castelli Romani). Alc. 5.5%

Stamo 'n Blanche
Blanche, fresh, fragrant and refreshing, citrusy with melissa spontaneous. In coll. with Davide Frosali. Alc. 5.4%

Pena Poho
American Lager, low fermentation with American hops, drinking insistently repeated, beer collaboration with M. Menchini (Archi) and A. Lorenzo (Badalà). Alc. 4%

Drago 'n Cella
​Belgian Specialty  Ale, with bergamot and lemon peels, flavored with tarragon infused. Fragrant and bitter, with intense hop to balance its spiciness. In collaboration with Luigi "Schigi" D'Amelio (Extraomnes). Alc. 5%

Amarafemmena Harvest
Harvest IPA using fresh hops grown in Italy. Fresh and fragrant, with cascade hops just picked used in Whirlpool. In coll. with F.  Amato (Birrificio del Vesuvio). Alc. 6.1%

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